I am continuing where I left off in Tone of Iliad-07. The topic is how to handle the narrative structure for the game.

In this game, the player selects a character at the start of the game. The game is played by using various game mechanics to influence that character to get them to think and act in a way the player desires.

The characters to select from are all from a specific graduating class of young adult colonists and several Specialist life forms.

As I was describing in Coroutines as Motivations, players will be presented a list of plausible actions at any given point. The player acts as the decider on which action, instead of the loaded dice. If the players is engaged in a dialog, they don't pick the character's actual words, they pick the intent of the character and the game will make up dialog to match.

The player also has access to the complete memory of the character, including the player's Personal Digital Assistant, or for ELFs, the player's Direct Neural Interface into the Ship's AI.

Players will also have a way to record notes and annotations, as well as develop automations to get through any grindy parts of the game.

As the game advances, a Chronologer transcribes the adventure into a narrative that can be reads like a book.

As the character ages, the ability for the player to force them to do actions counter to their own nature diminishes. Temporary conditions like drunkenness, anxiety, and excited emotional states also lower the player's ability to guide his or her character. If a character is really unhappy with the player, they may even adopt a dependency on drugs just to block the player out.