The implementation of the Epic of Gilgamesh has gotten large enough that it's time to move development over to it's own fossil repository. There will still be the occasional tweak to the clay framework and clay-stage system, but the development has advanced far enough that I'm really into the nuts and bolts of how the game itself is going to play.

I'm also at a stage where I want to start being able to branch the code itself to support multiple versions of Gilgamesh. I'm anticipating a Safe For Work (SFW) freebie version, and a Not Safe for Work (NSFW) premium version that will need a product key to unlock. Another nice thing I can do is use the Wiki feature of the fossil SCM system to document all of the game concepts, named characters, missions, and rules as I'm developing them.

The code thusfar developed will remain for now in the examples directory of the clay fossil repository. A snapshot of the new code is being built at All future development will be posted there. The latest freebie version of the software will always be at that location.

The NSFW version will be maintained as a private branch on my dev machine. It will have all of the elements of the free version, plus a few extra, um, shall we say interactions between they player and the npcs, as well as between the npcs and one another. It will be distributed as a stand alone executable only, for Mac, Windows, and any other operating system that has access to a ZipFs enabled Tcl interpreter.

I'm also contemplating a sci-fi themed game based on the same engine at some point in the distant future. As they say in the film processing industry, more on this as it develops.