I am not afraid to acknowledge that this game stands on the shoulders of a lot of giants in the industry. And while a text adventure may be an odd adaptation, the game play concepts I am very much... shall we say borrowed. You might not recognize their form in this game, but I was very much inspired by game play elements I was first exposed to in the following:

Civilization - Sid Meyer Games

There is going to be an empire building mechanic as you gain influence in the various city states. And while there is going to be more options than just building armies and breaking gates, the idea that you are a warlord playing against other computer controlled warlords is a fun mechanic I first enjoyed in the Civilization series of games.

Fallout 4/Skyrim - Bethesda Games

In both series there are multiple "final" outcomes depending on choices the player makes in the game. I have final in quotes because the game keeps playing even after the story is finished. Both game also stress customizable character and weapon development, and a judgement free system for the player electing to be good or evil. (There are consequence of both, but the game does not steer you in once direction or the other.) In both series there are also very few clear "heros" and the villains at least have their own plausible (if misguided) reasons for why they do what they do. And those reasons range from brain damage to outright racism.

Lab Rats - Vren Games

Lab Rats is a game that I've spent entirely too much time playing despite knowing the basic premise is evil, and I should feel bad for playing. It's really Not Safe for Work, so rather than send you out on a search into some sketchy parts of the Internet, I'll just summarize it here. You play as a mad scientist who can use mind altering serums to chisel away at the inhibitions of the other characters of the game. As you lower their inhibitions you can (but don't have to) get them to engage in more and more outlandish ...uhm... interactions. (Cough) There is more to it, obviously, and the game is devilishly hard to play.