Who had money on It's going to blow up? Congratulations, you have won the pool. While Practcl did seem to play nicely at first, deep in the library something was definitely NOT happy. And it's unhappiness was not registered until I started trying to cut binaries with it. I've backed out the changes to Practcl. One one hand, yes trying to back fit a refactor into a large and complicated library was stupid. On the other... it took me 12 hours to discover the stupid, and moments to use the power of version control to eliminate the stupid with a revert.

Kids at home: This is why you use version control. And this is also why you check bright new ideas into a branch until you are absolutely sure you aren't going to break something. You'll note that all of this drama is taking place in the yggdrasil branch and not in trunk, and sure as hell not in release. So only people who even know about the yggdrasil tag would have even noticed. And given the fact that the readership of this blog could be counted on one hand by a leper, that wasn't many people.