The world is scarred by a dark period they call "The Spreadsheet Revolution." During this period, decision makers relied on simplistic math formulas and pretty graphs to decide grave matters. These simplistic formulas left off the true costs of things, resulting in destroyed industries, a trashed environment, a failed education system, a destitute labor force, and a health care system that killed more people than plagues and wars combined by "chasing costs" while denying services.

The world was saved when actual Accountants rose up against the Spreadsheets. In this world an Auditor is a title that commands respect and fear.

The Spreadsheet Revolution is taught in schools as one of those points where humanity lost its mind, on par with the Salem Witch Trials. On one hand, only a few people actually died directly as a result. On the other, the conduct of a stable society demanded the problems discovered be fixed.

The memory of the Salem Witch Trials are why Trial by Jury was included in the American Constitution. Likewise, the Spreadsheet Revolution is why the system of DIA/T and Auditors govern societies today.