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Well I was all set to put together a review of Apple TV, when my webserver decided "Hey bud, I don't know you." I've been re-plumbing a lot of the guts of the system, but what I neglected to consider some of my previous re-plumbing efforts on other projects.

I'm a lazy geek, and this webserver software is also used on some client/friends web servers, and well as for a few projects at work. Well on one of those projects, I had to redesign how authentication is handled. And my "main" server was happily running the last copy of the code I gave it until I was uncouth enough to restart the process.

Yes, my webserver has been running for months without actually having to shut down and restart. Go Tcl.

After a little debugging, it turns out I had neglected to update one of the configuration files to reflect a change introduced by the bug fix on another website. What's sad is, I wrote all of this. There really isn't someone to yell at. I wrote the configuration system. I wrote the backend.

*Sigh* all part of eating my own dogfood, I suppose.

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