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Welcome to my own little piece of the net. I am Sean Deely Woods. Two last names. Long story short, I was adopted. Besides, I have a folk singer and a basketball coach who are kicking my ass in the google rankings for "Sean Woods". Maybe owning might help in the long run, but I digress.

While you are here don't forget to check out the rest of my website. It is a tiny misdirected website devoted to twisting linux and off the shelf components into un-natural forms using the Tcl scripting language. If you are at all interested in my "Nerd Creds", they are located here

My 14* year old daughter has her website here.

One of my featured attractions is a list of Journalisms. These are words and phrases that mangle concepts, have trickled into common use, and the only recourse is to beat anyone who uses them mercilessly.

I'm collecting my random thoughts into The Book of Sean. And my less coherent than random thoughts in my Blog.

My hobbies include science fiction, folk music, scuba diving, and computer programming. I am a NAUI Certified Wreck diver. I volunteer every year at the Philadelphia Folk Festival. I program in C an TCL/TK in may spare time. I absorb science fiction novels, and one of these day's I'm finally going to sit down and write the one that keeps playing out in my head.

In your web travels, also check out my mentee Dominic's website at To be someone else's inspiration is just plain disturbing, but in a satisfying way.

And also visit my other famous disciple, Pete Stein. He essentially wrote, rewrote, and re-rewrote the Franklin Institute's workorder system. While in high school, mind you.

Deep thought from Mod Fortune: (changes every page view)

A Tale of Two Cities LITE(tm)
	-- by Charles Dickens

	A lawyer who looks like a French Nobleman is executed in his place.

The Metamorphosis LITE(tm)
	-- by Franz Kafka

	A man turns into a bug and his family gets annoyed.

Lord of the Rings LITE(tm)
	-- by J. R. R. Tolkien

	Some guys take a long vacation to throw a ring into a volcano.

Hamlet LITE(tm)
	-- by Wm. Shakespeare

	A college student on vacation with family problems, a screwy
	girl-friend and a mother who won't act her age.

* Yes, those are actually date calculations. I got tired of updating manually.
** That's actually a joke. The page regenerates every pageview.

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