Shilling out

Well, I guess it had to be said that despite the fact I have every stinking adblocker known to god and man installed, I've decided to start fiddling around with installing Google's Adsense on the site. If they annoy me too, too much I'll yank 'em. But for the moment my evil scheme is "hey, I'm generating all this content, I might as well grab some low hanging fruit".

And yes, dear reader, that is a promise that I'll be adding more content, and more frequently at that. In the process of adding the hooks needed for adsense, I uncovered a host of dead links, broken code, ugly hacks, and whatnot that smell of bit rot.

This wouldn't be nearly as funny, if it weren't for my horoscope today (care of Planet Forecast):

Your detective's eye may reveal some dark secrets you'd rather not know about. It's easy to feel ashamed and want to hide what you have discovered about yourself. But we all have a "shadow," the part of ourselves that doesn't live up to our highest ideals. Talking about fear or power or lust doesn't mean that you're going to be stuck there. Awareness and acknowledgment are, in fact, the first steps to change. Your mind can be very focused now. If you put your attention on one thing at a time, you can communicate with great precision and power. Trusting yourself can make you a very convincing speaker at this time.

In addition, other influences can add complexity to the day.

That "other influences" is usually a codeword that Sara (my ex-wife) is going to call. Hasn't happened yet (as of 22:00 on Wed) Well, the night is still young...

And mucking around in the guts of the webengine, I feel a re-write in the works. I can perfectly grok what is going on at the moment, but it's obvious it was written a leetle bit here and a leetle bit there. There are a few things that, having the entire system working, would make more sense if they were re-arranged. Plus I've been doing a lot with TclOO at work, and in the 2 years since I hit "save" on the last chunk of code for ODIE, I've developed a lot of new tricks.Not to mention the fact that TDBC has come out, and more or less eliminated the need for TDIF. (Actually I'm working with Kevin Kenny to add the schema markup language from TDIF to TDBC.)(I'll probably end up creating a nice overlay to TDBC)

Ok, adding an RSS feed before I hit the sack. Goodnight fair reader! Ok, Ok, and all of you cheating bastards out there too.

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