The Book of Sean

The book of Sean is meant as a collection of my thoughts. No purpose really, I'm just tired of all this good stuff just evaporating at the end of a good dinner time conversation.

The date are all screwy, (they've been moved on and off about 5 servers thusfar) but most of these essays are a few years old.

BOS: Greed2010-May-04 09:51
What is a dick2010-May-04 09:30
Time and Place for Rituals2009-Oct-22 10:40
Why we need a single payer system for Health Care.2009-Oct-22 07:08
Bad Day HOWTO2009-Oct-21 07:43
Cloud Computing2009-Oct-19 12:42
Everything I needed to know about art, I learned from my Kindergardener2009-Oct-19 07:17
Sysadmin Personality Types2008-Feb-05 13:45
Journalisms2008-Feb-05 13:15
2 Degrees from Kevin Bacon2008-Feb-05 13:14
Evil Twin Skippy in the Wild2008-Feb-05 09:01
Robots, Humans, and the Future2006-Apr-04 13:00
How wars will really be fought in space2006-Apr-02 13:00
Anger Howto2006-Mar-08 22:35
Plumber or IT Guy?2003-Dec-05 00:00
Hibernation Economy2003-Jan-01 00:00
Skippys Laws2003-Jan-01 00:00
The Right to be Wrong2003-Jan-01 00:00

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