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No relation to the present website The folks I worked with sold the domain off years ago.

When I was working with Philly2Nite, they were a hip and trendy outfit specializing in the night club scene, with websites for New York, Philly, San Francisco, LA, and so on.

Well, they were Wharton Grads with an eye for graphics design. However, the system the chose to develop on couldn't handle the load. So I came on board as the Internet Fix-it-guy. I wrote a package that would take the content from their existing server, and cache the first 5 or 6 levels statically in Apache. This freed the server from having to handle repetitive requests for the same data. Users would transparently slide from the canned pages to the live database pages once they started getting into in-depth queries.

I also wrote mailing list software, and I like to think one of the first SMS apps. (It would Text you with night club events that matched your preferences.) All of this is common today, but remember, I was doing it back in '98.

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