The Bullet and the Foot: May 17, 2010

Quote of the Day
You feel a whole lot more like you do now than you did when you used to.
		-- Anonymous
Not taking life too, too seriously
Greeting race fans. Well after hitting another week-long dry spell I fear I suffered a little too much "taking my writing seriously." Seriously. The next time I start talking about advertising, putting donation links up, and dreaming bylaws, someone come by and hit me with something.

Preferably heavy.

So, let me add to my prior thoughts on religion this idea: Namely that anything I dream up has to be fun. It has to be alive. And it should border on the same crass commercialization that causes the reader to suspect that the ideas presented are borderline entertainment.

Anything less would be uncivilized. (Cue me holding up some under arm deodorant.)

Don't get me wrong, the The Geek Unorthodox Church is still a project I'd love very much to get off the ground. But I'd be much more interested in it being fun, a demonstration the sincere belief can be had with tongue-in-cheek.

Right-o onto New Business. Except of course it's midnight, and about the only subjects I can think of are what documentaries I'm watching, how I'm single again (again... again...), and that Tomorrow night is Karaoke, so who has time to feel sad?

So if I dream up something brilliant, I'll let y'all know. In the meantime, peace, *CLUNK* OW!

(Dude, I said hit me if I get overly serious about *CLUNK*...)

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