GC: Organization

The Geek Unorthodox Church is an anarcho-syndicalist commune. We take it in turns to act as a sort of executive officer for the week...

Ok, Monty Python references aside, the Geek Church is an idea, it's not a building, a collection of people, just an idea. An idea that is intended to be a permanent work in progress. To grow and change with our understanding of the Universe, and the needs of society.

This project consists of a body of doctrinal statements, inspiring essays, and life advise. It is based on the best science available, and a cross section of mystical wisdom where science is still a bit fuzzy. However, all ideas that make it into the Geek Unorthodox Church have to make it through Sean's head, and fit into the overall framework.

The Canon
The Canon of the Geek Unorthodox Church is modeled very much in the same vein as the Linux Kernel.

With the Linux Kernel, a draft of the project was delivered, finished, by a Finnish fellow of the name Linus Torvalds. The source code is open for all to use. While anyone can suggest a change, there are a finite number of individuals with access to revise the source that is distributed to the world. And Linus plays the role of "Benevolent Dictator", making policy decisions for future development.

This model allows for collaboration, but it filters out the truly awful ideas. At the same time it provides for that singular vision that keeps the project coherent.

Benevolent Dictatorship applies only to what makes it into the Religious Canon. You are otherwise free to move about the cabin.

Church Organization
The side effect of the idea is a social movement. It is the very nature of all human movements to appoint a leader. And it is also handy to take a large group, and break it into small groups, put a leader in charge of the small group, and a leader in charge of all of the small group leaders. And when that gets too large...

A leader in a church's role is simply to play traffic cop. Like a judge in a courtroom, he or she has no skin in the game, and is expected to be well read in the Canon enough to answer questions, settle arguments over interpretation, and issue wizened opinions where the Canon is ambiguous.

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