The Geek Unorthodox Church

The Geek Unorthodox Church is a religion for skeptics, free thinkers, and other undesirables. It is founded on the principle that Idealism and $5 will get you a cup of coffee. However, there is a need for mankind to come together and discuss the deep mysteries of the Universe. But, in a place that isn't exploitative, doesn't ask for you to convert all of your family and friends, and is content at the end of the day to answer "we just don't know."

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    On Membership
    The Geek Unorthodox Church is a society of like minded individuals, who just happen to have a loud-mouthed spokesman. It is not intended to replace anyone's existing religion. However, if you feel sincerly that it does represent your views on God, the Universe, or whatever you want to call it, feel free to adopt the Moniker on nosy forms that inquire about religion.

    There is no official form to fill out to join. There is no ceremony. You are simply along for the ride so long as you decide that "this is useful!"

    On Community
    It is generally useful for like minded people to meet up and discuss life the Universe, and Everything. And as there are countless services out there to allow like minded individuals to meet and greet at their own pace, and their own choosing, feel free to use them. I will be putting together a page on Facebook to help coordinate meetings, set up local chapters, etc.

    Again, because Facebook (at least at the moment) is so pervasive, and because meetings and organizations are so ephemeral. (I really should develop the difference between the eternal and the ephemeral and why it's okay to compromise between the two into a blog entry...).

    And if Facebook gets overly dickish in the figure, I'll be happy to write our own meeting coordination software. I'm just short on time at the moment.

    More on this later... I have to dart out the door.

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