The Bullet and the Foot: May 4, 2010

Quote of the Day
A magician pulls rabbits out of hats. An experimental psychologist pulls habits out of rats.
D.I.Y. Religion
In my many lives lived simultaneously, I'm a supervisor in charge of running the campground for a Folk Festival. And, like every year, we were coming up with ideas on what the rules should be, and how to communicate them to the people staying with us.

To give you a little background, the Philadelphia Folk Festival has been going on for 49 years. And it's large enough, and far enough out of Philadelphia, that in addition to having 3 days of concerts, we also run a campground next door. And that campground is home to about 5000 people for 4 days.

The major thrust for this year is to come up with the 10 big rules. And I tried to summarize it in one rule. And some time in the shower it dawned on me how much this project dovetails nicely with the "Religion of Sean" I've always wanted to put together.

I'm thinking if Christ were around today, and could see what was being done in his name, he'd have another one of those turning tables over in the temple moments. And he'd re-write the golden rule to be: "Don't be a dick."

You see, we all move around too much for "neighbor" to have any real meaning. We spend most of our time on the road, or at the office. And the JHC Golden Rule leaves so many loopholes for the assholes of the world to simply write off swaths of humanity as "un-neighbor worthy." Oh no, "Don't be a dick" is simple. It's wiggle proof. And it applies to all things, not just yard work.

So what does it mean to "Be a dick?" Well, I think I could spend my entire life citing examples. Overall, a dick is a person who is lives his or her life at the expense of others. For concrete examples consult "What is a dick".

Of course, everyday life requires some level of Dickishness to survive. So rather than make Dick/Non-Dick a true or false, black or white, we should rate behaviors in context with shades of dick. Double-parking an SUV across 2 handicap spaces: 100% dick. Helping an old lady across the street: 0% dick.

If we just looked at life in perspective, and in what impact our actions have on others, the world would be a better place. Well, until the Dicks come in a mess it up.

And when that happens, that my brother and sisters is when we employ the Cluebat. More on this in our next installment.

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