The Bullet and the Foot: April 29, 2010

Quote of the Day
Tomorrow, this will be part of the unchangeable past but fortunately, it can still be changed today.
And people are paid for this crap?
I covered a new site called Essentially it puts CNN side by side with other news websites, just so you can see how much fluff passes for news in this day and age.

I'd given up on CNN years ago. But this piece in the Living section really burned my bonnet: Gender Perceptions at Work.

So let me get this straight, old jokes and stereotypes are "news?" This wasn't just a poorly written article. I was a poorly written concept. Why not handle race relations by posting what we think of a White employee vs. a Black employee. Or a Yuppie employee vs. a Redneck employee?

And the author doesn't even cite a source, nor attempt to analyze those stereotypes further.

All he (yes HE) manages to do is stir the pot and pit men vs. women.

That is Certainly Not News.

For the record, I have been blessed to work with many effective bosses. (And a few ineffective ones...) Gender has nothing to do with what makes someone an effective manager. Nor with how they are perceived by their employees.

What makes these stereotypes work though is the fact that most of the people in "management" are incompetent. And again, reality doesn't discriminate against either gender. And awful boss is an awful boss, it just comes down to their awfulness style. And as awful bosses tend to fill out the bottom of the org chart, odds are he/she will be the basis of your opinion on whichever gender he/she besmirches by his/her continued employment.

Ok... off the soap box, and off to work.

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