The Bullet and the Foot, Nov 30, 2009

Quote of the Day
Try to have as good a life as you can under the circumstances
--Mod Fortune
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I'm switching back to my old way of posting updates. Twitterfeed was cute, but after waiting several hours for the system to read my RSS feed and post the links, methinks I could do better the old fashioned way.
Ah, those morning drives...
I must say, I have been blessed with a wonderful existence. I drive the opposite direction of traffic, so my drive into the office is 40 minutes of classical music, 70mph, and the odd early morning errand. Despite living at the gates of the dreaded Washington Beltway. Hey, I've always been going in the opposite direction as the crowd, nowadays is no exception.

What I never expected was that my morning commute could be downright therapeutic. I left the house in a huff of "woe is me." The sale on the house in Philadelphia fell through after the home inspection. I'm going to be stuck with that thing forever. And the light bulb in the kitchen blew out. That's surely a sign!

But, there I go into the car. I start down the road. I have to divert from my flight plan to drop a check off at the bank. Oh the slings and arrows. I sent the paperwork up the air chute. And the receipt came back with a pair of candy canes.

Maybe it's the holiday spirit. Maybe I really like candy canes. I don't know. But I went from crappy day to happy day in milliseconds. Oh, stormy bear Sean kept trying to start a pity party. But bad thoughts were "meh", and happy thoughts made my toes curl. And for whatever reason, it was happy thoughts for the remaining half hour of my drive.

I see a dead animal pulverized in the road. *Sigh* well, that's the way of things. And auto accident in the ditch on the median. Wow, they are having a bad day, I have no room to complain!

And you know, I even found some time to blog over breakfast. :-)

I love the holidays...

Oh, and today's quote is the first thing that popped up when I hit the magic-8-ball.

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