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Who is Evil Twin Skippy?

Hacker Handle: Evil Twin Skippy
Real Name: Sean Woods
First Email: Circa 1993
Hat Color: *Plaid (see color code)

Evil Twin Skippy is a nom de plume for a real network administrator, Sean Woods. In the tradition of Benjamin Franklin, he prefers to put his material out using an alter ego. Ben used Poor Richard, this author uses Evil Twin Skippy.

Sean is a Network Engineer who has been hacking at Linux since circa 1997. He's scratch built routers and other equipment using Linux. When we say router, we are not talking the simple little Linksys jobber you surf the net with at home. Think core level router using BGP and a pile of other TLA's that straddled both Internet1 and Internet2. Ya, that kind of router. The kind that when it goes down, it makes the news.

The nature of Sean's work has him doing the impossible and/or untested on a semi-daily basis.

How did he learn all this? Did he go to school for it? Well he did drop out after 4.5 years of an Electrical Engineering degree. But most of that education was in the hardward, and the 1990's idea of what it would have been at that. Networking was not his track.

In truth, Sean has had no formal training whatsoever in Linux, TCP/IP, , oSkippy is an autodidect. At the age of 7 he was picking up the IBM reference manual and banging out programs in BASIC. In high school he picked up C. In college... he did nothing and got bored with cryptology and image compression and VLSA. And after the University screwed him over for the 4th time with the same billing issue to the tune of 10 grand, cash on hand, he said fuck it and moved on.

Skippy started to play with Linux as a hobby, and then did some freelance work. Finally he took on a programming gig that morphed into a network gig that finally resulted in him taking over the entire network operations at a particular science museum from Philadelphia who's name will remain anonymous but they have a giant statue of Ben Franklin in the lobby.

Hacker color codes:

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WhiteHarness the powers of geekdom for the betterment of the net as a whole, part of law enforcement, etc.
BlackExploit the powers of geekdom for their own personal gain.
GreyNeutral bland.
PlaidNeutral make an utter mess out of the concepts of "Good" or "Evil".